To Cruise or Not To Cruise?

I am lucky enough to be married to a man that loves travelling as much as I do.

In 2018 we visited 11 countries, and our new years resolution in 2019 is to double it! We already have many trips planned that we hope we can make possible!

The cruise- with Celebrity Equinox, was our first dose of travel! (honeymoon) we flew from Canada to America (Miami), where the cruise departed from. Within this cruise we would visit 5 countries!

Right when you step foot on the ship you feel like royalty. The staff treat you like kings, and queens. They have fancy dining, shows, game rooms, dance parties, and so much more.

It was very kid friendly!

The five countries we visited were, two U.S. virgin islands: St. Thomas, and St. Croix. 

Antigua, Barbados, St.Lucia, and St. Marteen.

It’s amazing how much you can actually see by sea.

The food was incredible, every day they’d make food related to a type of culture, and so many buffets none ending. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Late Dinner. The best thing: THE NON ENDING ICE CREAM BUFFET!

They also had specific restaurants that you can dine in for dinner, and you have to dress fancy. We enjoyed it as you are placed with the same couple for all the evenings you attend, we made great friends!

It was absolutely amazing to see how many different religions and cultures collided in the best possible way on this ship. People were so amazing, and kind.

We got so many strangers just coming up to us, and making conversation from nowhere.

Even one lady came up to me, and because I was wearing the hijab told me,

“I’d like to apologize for Trump, I didn’t vote for him.”

The sunsets were phenomenal! we would make sure to always go out to the back of the ship and watch the sunsets!

The only negative thing I can think about is that it is tiring at times, as there is so much walking throughout the day. You have to make sure you get the right amount of rest, and sleep. Also if you’re addicted to the internet, it is pricey to purchase their ship “wifi” plans. 

We appreciated being cut from the real world for a couple days, each country we’d visit would have free wifi, so you can update family and friends- and check your social media.

I would for sure do another cruise in the near future if possible, and highly recommend it, it was a great experience.

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